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Dock Montevideo: without and with the design/top view


Design workshop-Antwerp 2010

topic: Architectural space of the city of Antwerp: Dok Montevideo.

lead: Michael Ozmin & Peter Kercher

project team: Agniszka Wiczuk, Frederik Bogaerts, Pieter Van Doorn, Christophe Van Raemdonck.



Waves-water walkway along the dock with a rhythmically repeating "waves", in which there are bars and small shops.

ren 22
44 ren 21

Island - water platform in the shape of the logo of the Antwerp with recreational places, swimming pool and water playground for children.

ren 24
ren 16

By analyzing the place and theme designers conducted interviews with residents and the authorities of the city. Thus collecting accurate information.

The main problem in this area was an unfriendly for families and small business structure where water was not an attraction but the obstacle. The project was founded in the spirit of the “Design for ALL”, all spaces are available for the elderly, the disabled, families with children.

Docks area of the city of Antwerp is an important element of the landscape and life of the city. Area around Montevideo docs was designed to serve as a center for cultural-recreational activities. Having thought of the demographic structure, city plans the wishes of the inhabitants we had developed a draft project comprising of family center, children’s ' place, urban swimming pools, bars, small shops including the docs in structure of the city. Slight elevation of the proposed platform makes this space also available for persons with disabilities and the elderly. A central element of the project is an island in the shape of the logo of the city.

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